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Team BT

Hi Kevin,

Good question: What is a protein snack – what to have as a protein snack?
For your protein snacks you are able to have plant sourced such as nuts and legumes, as well as animal sourced protein (which includes dairy products and eggs also), it’s good to get a mix of both plant and animal protein as they both have excellent, but differing nutritional qualities.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

When in a rush, bodytrim® have a range of high protein, low carb snacks that are not only delicious they’ll help keep you feeling fuller longer and help to reduce your sweet cravings.

Alternatively, with a bit of preparation you can have for instance:
Small handful of almonds
Curried egg – hard boiled egg, a little curry powder, cumin powder and lemon juice mix to combine.
Tuna Paste (to have with celery or cucumber sticks) – tuna, a little cottage cheese, mixed herbs, chopped tomato and lemon juice mixed together.
Marinated Tofu Cubes – Cut tofu into cubes and marinate for 5- 10 mins in a mix of olive oil, basil & thyme. Serve with cherry tomatoes.
Mushroom Melt – Spoon cottage cheese onto the underside of a large flat mushroom and pop under the grill until the cheese starts to melt slightly, serve with cracked black pepper.
Tuna & Cottage Cheese Spread – Cottage cheese, tuna and cracked black pepper mixed. Serve with non- starchy vegetable sticks, or on a bed of lettuce.
Your choice of meat mixed with some hummus (chickpeas) and seasoned with spices.
Spiced Chickpeas – 1 serve of chickpeas mixed with a little paprika and pepper.

Hope this helps!
Kind Regards,
BT team