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I know I’m suppose to weigh myself once a week but I couldn’t wait. I feel a little disappointed that I have been on the shakes since Monday when I weighed myself at 112odd and this morning I am 111 odd. I thought I would have lost more by now as I am sticking to it making sure I am drinking 2 lets of water and the evening meal is 100g meat and 2 cups of salad, which I round out is a lot of food so I know when I do cook properly we don’t have that much so I know I am good with the evening meals.

I am on the shakes longer as I started straight away so really should be on day 4 but I am going with the emails I am getting sent each day following that.
The only sugar I am having is in my hot milo that I have. I make it with a tsp of milo, hot water, dash of milk and 1 tsp sugar but I am only having a couple of cups a day.