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BT Nutritionist

Hi Sue,

Great question!

Mushrooms are great cooked under the grill. You can even pull the stalk off, tip them on their heads on a baking tray and fill the base of the mushroom with various combinations such as feta, tomato and parsley for something a bit different- very tasty when grilled and slightly browned on top!

You could place the mushrooms straight under the grill on a rack (no oil required), or you could bake or roast them in a shallow dish along with your other vegetables, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of fresh or dried herbs.

Pop button mushrooms on skewers along with your meat and other vegetables, lightly brush in a little olive oil if desired and place them under the grill to cook.

Add them to a stir fry- you may need to add a little water, oil and/or soy sauce as the mushrooms tend to soak up liquid a fair bit.

Mushrooms are so versatile and can be incorporated into many other recipes including quiches, stews and soups. If making an omelette chop the mushroom up and add it to the omelette mix rather than cooking each separately (you will use half the amount of oil).

I hope these ideas are helpful and help to give you some inspiration!

Kind Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂