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BT Nutritionist

Hi Sue,

It may take a little longer than the previous program to notice a difference because you are not going to such great extremes of carb detoxing. The new program is still high in protein and low in carbs, but is not as extreme as the previous program in terms of being high protein and very low carb and fat. Instead we try to promote eating healthier versions of these types of foods to create a program that is not so restrictive, has a wider variety of enjoyable and nourishing foods and is ultimately more sustainable and effective long term.
Our best advice is to stay consistent, don’t get disheartened and ensure you are drinking plenty of water and that you complete your 10,000 steps each day.
Keep in mind that the best way to lose weight and keep it off long term is to do it slowly but surely. A weight loss of roughly 500g per week is said to be a healthy pace.
Some additional factors which can play a role in weight loss include your metabolic rate and hormones. Some people tend to eat irregular meals, so when small regular meals are added on Bodytrim, the metabolism needs a bit of time to adjust. This can also be the case for hormones needing to balance out.

The Breakfast meal includes 2 serves of protein (animal and/or plant), and 1 serve of starchy or non- starchy carbs.
1 slice of toast would be your 1 serve of starchy carbs, or you could have the equivalent of 1 cup of mushrooms (or mixed non- starchy carbs), or 1 piece of fruit (also non- starchy carbs).
2 serves of protein would be 2 eggs and perhaps 1 cup of milk (scrambled eggs), or 2 eggs and 1 rasher of bacon.

Bacon should be treated as an occasional food, it is higher in energy due to it’s higher fat content. We wouldn’t recommend eating bacon more than once a week. Make sure you get one with minimal visible fat and best cooked under the grill so that any excess fat can drip off.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Try not to weigh your self once a week and stay positive 🙂

Kindest Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂