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BT Nutritionist

Hi Martin,

Are you making sure you are drinking your 2-3 Litres of water each day? Headaches and stomach discomfort (due to constipation) may be a result of not getting enough fluids which is important during all phases, but especially the first phase of the program.
Similarly, make sure that you are getting the recommended serves of non- starchy carbohydrate vegetables, these will provide you with fibre which can help with protein digestion and regularity, and therefore prevent stomach discomfort.
It’s a good idea to mix up your sources of protein, making sure you get a mix of both animal and plant based protein. A high protein load could result in stomach discomfort, plant sourced protein generally has a lower protein content than animal protein so try and include some meat- free options.
Is this something you have been experiencing since starting the program or more recently? The FAST Shakes are dairy based so some people may find a bit of discomfort with having these if they are lactose intolerant, or even if they are just not used to consuming so much dairy products. With moving on to the next phases of the program we reduce the consumption of FAST Shakes so if it is the shakes that are causing this discomfort then these symptoms should subside.

If you are still experiencing this after a week please email us and we can try find a solution for you.

Kind Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂