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BT Nutritionist

Hi Juli,

Most fruits are considered non- starchy carbohydrates. Therefore, when one of the meal formulas calls for a serving of non- starchy carbohydrates you could have either non- starchy fruits or non- starchy vegetables. In the Balanced Meal Formula we recommend for dinner during the Trimsition phase you have 1 serve of protein, 1 serve of starchy carbs and 2 serves of non- starchy carbs (which could be 2 serves of non- starchy vegetables, or 1 serve of non- starchy fruit + 1 serve of non- starchy vegetables if you wish). We recommend no more than 2 servings of fruit per day due to the higher sugar content.
Where we have stated that you may have ‘non- starchy vegetables’ i.e, during the FAST Start dinner meal or as an addition to protein snacks, this means only vegetable options, not fruit.

Kindest Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂