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Morning BT Team,

I’m very curious to Jenny’s answer now it’s been 12 months.. Could you please share with us photos and stories of anyone that has succeeded in the new program..

I did the old program years ago and lost weight, I started this one in June, but fell off the rails so I’m on my way again with day 1 now and trying to regain myself.. I really need to get my life back, or should I say get my body back!!

I must admit I’m really interested to hear of how many of our bodytrim members have lost weight, as I’m reading all the time that people are struggling after the first few weeks to loose any more than the initial weight lost.. I did loose 2.5kg in the few weeks I was on the program, but because of illness, I fell off the program..

I had a hard time getting my head around the old and new, so I’m really looking for inspiration now to get me on track.

When I joined in June there was also talk of a meal planner, 7 day or a month, I still see this on here. I also liked the fact that Jeff had liitle videos on the old program, so it would be nice for Jeff to say hi to all of us that are on his program, would be interstate to see after all these years if Jeff has maintain his weight..

Please share some stores with us, some may only need to loose a couple of kg’s some may have to loose more, but regardless of the amount we all need a little encouragement to keep us on track ..?

Thanks Tan