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Hi Linda, Great work in starting on the Bodytrim program. You have definitely picked a tough time of year to start just before Christmas but try to stay focused on your weight goals. Just remember you can always start again so if you fall off the program, just remember why you started and get moving again. Over the ‘silly season’ little tricks are to plan ahead your ‘free meal’ of the week for such occasions like Christmas or New Years or a family dinner so you can enjoy it. Eat a small salad or soup before big meals so that you feel fuller earlier and don’t overindulge. Drink plenty of water too, a glass before meals is a great habit to get in too.
A lot of people ‘yo-yo’ with their weight but if you stick to the plan and make sure you focus on getting some light exercise in every day it should all form a new lifestyle routine for you which in turn should stop the weight coming back on. It’s all about creating new healthier habits, habits which will stick with you for the longer term to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals. Always remember why you started your diet and how good it feels to lose weight. A positive mindset is key. Plan ahead your meals each day so you don’t overeat. How are you going so far?