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BT Nutritionist

Hi Dale,

The FAST Shakes are different to the previous Bodytrim Protein shakes which were recommended as protein snack options. The new FAST shakes are nutritionally balanced ‘Meal Replacement’ Shakes. They can be used in place of a meal as a convenient, nutritiously balanced meal option. Because they are designed to be used in place of a meal they do need to contain a certain energy/calorie content to help keep you feeling sustained throughout the day. If you were to have additional FAST shakes in place of protein snacks you would be significantly boosting your calorie intake which would affect your weight loss progress. We would suggest using the Bodytrim bars/slices and cookies as convenient snacking options and keeping the FAST Shakes to breakfast, lunch or dinner convenience options only.

Kindest Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂