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BT Nutritionist

Hi Jerry,

A weight loss comparison has not been done between the two versions of the program, however in formulating the revised version we have taken into account total calories to ensure weight loss is possible.

Some people have reported that they think they saw faster results on the carb detox. However, unfortunately faster initial results do not necessarily translate to long lasting weight loss success.

The original program was a very high protein, very low carb diet and this put the body into a state of ‘Ketosis’, where there is no carbohydrate energy to be broken down, so the body begins to break down it’s fat stores instead. While ketogenic or low carb diets may result in short term weight loss for some, this type of diet is incredibly restrictive, which means that any good results are quite possibly short lived. The effects that a long term high protein, very low carbohydrate diet has on health are also often questioned.

The new program allows for more freedom in terms of what you can eat (following the initial 3 FAST Shake days of course). We have had a lot of feedback from trimmers saying that they find this program much more manageable and enjoyable as they feel they can enjoy a wider variety of foods. The program still encourages high protein and a reasonably low carb intake- just not as extreme as the previous program, and while the initial results might be a little slower for some, the new program should result in longer lasting weight loss success.

On the new program we have chosen to include healthy sources of carbohydrates- we do not believe that all carbohydrates are bad, some forms of carbohydrates are a great source of fibre and other important nutrients and they can actually be very beneficial for including as part of a healthy weight loss program as they can help you feel satiated throughout the day as well as provide various essential nutrients you may not be able to get from high protein foods. There are of course carbohydrates that can be detrimental to weight loss and these are typically the refined carbohydrates (white varieties of breads, pastas, rice etc which have had all the goodness and much of the fibre removed), added sugars are another form of carbohydrate that is not ideal for weight loss. On the new program we specifically recommend healthy, whole grain carbohydrates in moderate amounts to provide a better nutritional balance.

A weight loss of roughly 500g per week is considered to be a healthy and safe pace, in saying this everyone is different and sometimes it can take a little time for the body to adjust.

Kindest Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂