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BT Nutritionist

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the program!

The plan you’ve described is the structure we suggest for the Trimsition phase of the program (the second phase) which lasts 4 days.

Following these four days we do recommend going onto the Body Trimming phase where you may have the Bodytrim shake for breakfast, a healthy, balanced meal for lunch and dinner and two protein snacks between meals.

During this third phase we work on introducing more nutritious whole foods into the diet so that we can help you to form some healthy food habits which you will be able to use following the program in order to maintain you weight loss. We’ve done all the calorie counting work for you so that so long as you follow the general rules of the program these meals will not be hugely calorie dense resulting in weight gain, rather they will help to keep you satiated and nourished.

Kindest Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂