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BT Nutritionist

Hi Natalie,

The shakes have been formulated as a nutritionally balanced and convenient meal alternative, suitable for replacing 1 or more of your daily meals. They are particularly handy if there are limited healthy options available. It is important to remember though that they are not intended as a total diet replacement.

Real, whole foods should be prioritized first and foremost as they provide us with a huge amount of naturally occurring nutrients (beyond protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals) which simply aren’t able to be provided in a shake. Ultimately not one single food can provide us with absolutely all the nutrients we need so a good variety of nutrient- dense foods is best.

The shakes could be used more than once a day but it is important to make sure you are also consuming a good variety of other nutrient- dense foods including fruit, vegetables, dairy, lean meat, grains and legumes. We wouldn’t recommend consuming more than 1 shake a day as a long- term solution but rather to help you out of a tricky situation on the odd occasion.

Forward planning and food preparation can be hugely beneficial for making sure you have both nutritious but convenient meals available to you.
Some tips you could try:

– If you cook dinner each night make double and pack half of it in a lunchbox so that you’ve got something to take for lunch the next day.
– Home- made real food smoothies can be a nutritious and reasonably quick to prepare option with ingredients like banana, berries, yoghurt, nut butters, milk or dairy alternative, spinach, avocado- the options are endless.
– If you have a crock pot you could try cooking meals in bulk- soups and stews and freezing portions in single serve sizes so that they’re ready to go when you are and only need heating through before eating.
– Alternatively taking the time to prepare a large dish of salad vegetables complete with hard boiled eggs and storing this in the fridge can be a huge help when you are rushed for time. You can keep small, single serve tins of fish to have alongside- adding a little more your protein to your meal.

Each of these ideas may require a little forward planning and time to prepare but they are definitely worthwhile for making sure you have nutritious and healthy meal options on the go.

Best of luck Natalie!

Kindest Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂