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Hi Gillian

I work out (isolated muscle groups 5 days a week) and I had the same concern that you did. Here are some things that helped me :

1. Meal Prep : It’s super easy to just grab a meal out of the fridge or freezer when you want it. Having a meal prepared takes your mind off “what will I have for lunch” and so I didn’t really think about “what” I would eat, but I would still think about “when” I Would eat haha.

2. Carbohydrates Vs Proteins – MMA is intense and you are going to feel exhausted if you don’t eat enough carbs. However, as you know, if you are eating too many carbs your body will start storing fat instead of burning the reserves that usually around our tummy. I don’t have an easy answer for you here other than asking you what you want from your diet? are you trying to lose weight? or is this more of a lifestyle change for you? depending on your goal you might want to adjust your diet as you go. start low carb and then slowly incorporate more carbs if you feel exhausted. Always have your “end goal” in mind, instead of the impulsive feelings you might have threw out the day.

3. Regular Snacking – I don’t know what your schedule is like, but if possible, you can snack on appropriate foods to help you feel less hungry. e.g. I love snacking on some celery sticks with cottage cheese. High protein and low carbs and if I’m more hungry, I just eat more celery. DON’T SNACK TOO REGULARLY. if you’re going to the fridge every fifteen minutes this is a problem. Also, obviously snacking on a back of red frogs or killer pythons isn’t going to be a useful habit either, so be mindful of what you snack on.

4. Sleep well – Fairly obvious one, your doing intensive cardiovascular exercise so you need to rest up to keep yourself in good health.

I was a little confused about some of the comments you made in your post, would you mind clearing a few things up with me? You said you are used to eating a low carb, high protein diet, and that you found the bodytrim program to be a higher carb diet than what you were used to? did I read this correctly?

I hope this helps
Dale Perkins