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Hi Dale,

Thanks for all those tips! I guess I’m just used to tracking calories burnt during classes vs amount I’m eating, and then keeping track of carbs vs proteins on certain days, as I was carb-cycling. My schedule has changed a bit and I definitely found myself really weak and drained mid-way through the week, even when cycling.

1. Meal Prep : Yep – definitely been super on the ball with this when I finished trimsition yesterday. Poached chicken breast and got little tuna tins, etc. and we have CHOOKS so I always have eggs on hand hehe

2. Carbohydrates Vs Proteins: After years of teaching/training, my body has started to plateau and I felt I needed a kick start when I was rehabilitating shoulder, hence BodyTrim. The idea is to lose weight/body fat, yes.

3. Regular Snacking: today was first day back and I thought I’d be needing morning tea (after a shake for breakfast before class). I was busy with errands, so then found it was lunch time, and so, I have not needed to snack on anything just yet. it’s nice to know that I have them protein balls waiting for me should I need them! I’m teaching again tonight and I always have that afternoon slump before, so will definitely be doing an arvo snack before then. I’ve been loving the celery with Hummus and have stocked up on cottage cheese too 🙂

4. Sleep well: I’ve been doing WELL on this front! Who knows if it’s the fact I’ve been crazy busy or…? Evening classes make it harder to settle, but I’ll see how I go tonight.

I was a little confused about some of the comments you made in your post, would you mind clearing a few things up with me? You said you are used to eating a low carb, high protein diet, and that you found the bodytrim program to be a higher carb diet than what you were used to? did I read this correctly?

Yep. I was used to having heaps more protein. Eating 100-150g at dinner was a huge change for me during trimsition, but I’m putting that down to that “phase” of the plan. I’m sure this week will be much different as I’m allowed three balance meals a day now 🙂

Thanks again for all the help!