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Hi, my name is Sue. I am 57 167cm 83kg. I have set my goal weight at 72kg as I think this is achievable but hopefully I can move the goal post more as I get closer 🙂 I have been a yoyo dieter all my life due to the fact I could never sustain the restrictions. I have always worked in jobs where I was on my feet all day but 5 years ago changed to an admin job where I basically sit for the whole day and gained 10kgs !!. When I started BT 7days ago I bought a pedometer. On a normal work day I was only doing 3,000 steps !! I am now making myself get up from my desk and walk around my small office when I can. Also I went for a 30 min walk after work one day and added 3,000 steps to my day !!
My weekly weigh in this morning I lost 1.8kgs and 3 cm off waist hips + thighs ! Thanks BT for your inspiration to get me motivated to improve my health

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