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BT Nutritionist

Hi Trish,

Thanks for your message!

In the recipe we have stated: 2 serves of chocolate flavoured protein powder (choose high protein, low carb).

Being a formulated meal replacement the Bodytrim shake powder is not what we would consider a high protein, low carb powder so would it not be the right product to use- it will contribute more carbohydrates to a snack which is intended to be low carb and the mixture will probably be too dry yes. Some examples of high protein, low carb powders would be the Aussie Bodies Perfect Protein or 100% Whey protein powders.

Being meal replacement shakes the Bodytrim shakes are only intended to be used in place of a meal and not as snacks.

A serve of high protein, low carb powder generally contains about 20- 25g of protein, so for 2 serves we would be looking at 40- 50g of protein and very minimal carbohydrates.

We’re sorry for the confusion and will make some changes on the recipe page to clarify.

We are so pleased to hear of your success so far!

Kindest Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂