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BT Nutritionist

Hi Dana,

The amount of weight lost initially will vary from person to person as it depends on several factors.
How was your diet previous to starting the program? Those who have substantially reduced their overall food intake since starting the program are likely to lose a more significant amount of weight. For the people that lose less, it is usually because they already had a relatively low overall food intake, so the difference in food intake was less dramatic making the initial weight loss less.
Are you constipated at all? When we alter our diet there may be changes in regularity which can take a while for the body to readjust. We hold onto this weight and it shows on the scales. Eating more fibre-rich foods and drinking more fluids can help the body to normalise again.
The Bodytrim way of eating can be quite a change for some people and it can take a few weeks for the body to get into balance and begin to shift the weight. If you are not used to eating small regular meals it can be your metabolism that needs a bit of time to adjust and kick into gear. It can also be your hormones which need to balance out as you change your eating, to allow you to start burning fat.
Another thing that may be worth pointing out which has caused some confusion is that the shakes are meal replacements and are only designed to be used in place of a meal (not to be used as snacks). They are also designed to be mixed in water only – adding other ingredients may significantly bump up the calorie content effecting weight loss.

There are many people who do find the first few weeks are slow but go on to lose weight successfully, the key is to stay consistent and check you are compliant. You may find it helpful and encouraging to keep a food and exercise diary, and weigh yourself only once a week.

A few things to keep in mind are:
Free Meal days – what you choose on these days can slow things down depending on how ‘free’ you go. We recommend 1 free meal per week once you reach the Bodytrimming phase. Try to keep an eye on your portion size for free meals, the first 2-3 bites are always the best so enjoy whatever it is you feel like or miss, but make sure the amount you have isn’t more than you need.
Sauces, condiments and cooking oils are a way for extra calories to sneak in. Try to bake, boil, steam and grill foods to avoid using cooking oil where possible, and if cooking in a fry pan, aim for 1 tsp of oil only. For condiments, sauces and salad dressings aim for 1 tsp of high sugar sauces. Also keep this in mind for any marinades you may use. Herbs and spices are a great way to add flavour without the need to add to many extra condiments.

We hope this may help to shed some light.

Kind Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂