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BT Nutritionist

Hi Nicole,

Ultimately the shakes are not recommended as a total diet replacement or for long term use. We recommend using them in addition to well- balanced, nutritious meals.

The first phase of the program (days 1- 3) involves 3 shakes a day
The second phase of the program (days 4- 7) involves 2 shakes a day
The final phase of the program involves 1 or no shakes a day

We taper off the use of the shakes gradually as we introduce balanced and nutritious meals which are ultimately going to provide you with the best source of nutrients.

While many people do lose an encouraging amount of weight in the first phase of the program the best way to lose weight is gradually, so the focus shouldn’t be how much you can lose in the first few days but more how much you can lose over the next few weeks as this is where the sustainable and meaningful weight loss happens.

The shakes won’t provide you with everything you need long term and the sooner you introduce the right kinds of nutritious whole foods into your diet the sooner you can start creating the healthy eating habits that will ultimately lead to long term weight loss as well as good health.

I hope this is helpful and please let me know if you have any further questions.

BT Nutritionist 🙂