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Hi everyone, this is my first-time-ever dieting experience. I am 48 years of age, 157cm and weigh 67kg. My goal is 55-57kg. I have been slim and well toned all my life, but recently I gave up smoking cigarettes of 30 years – I am now going on 19 months cigarette-free! Due to giving up the cigarettes, I have put on the weight and I cannot get used to what I see in the mirror everyday! I am approaching the third day of the trimsition phase and I’m enjoying it…having no problems with it at all except that I haven’t lost any weight yet?

My other concern is…I also have hypothyroidism which could be contributing to my weight gain, I don’t know? as I wasn’t putting weight on until I gave up the cigarettes 19 months ago and I’ve had my thyroid problem for 8 years now. Will my thyroid issue make it harder for me to lose weight?

Another question is…how much protein are we having each day? Is it possible to have too much protein and not enough carbs?

Thanks for your help.

Good luck to everyone on the program!