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BT Nutritionist

Hi Katalin,

Hopefully you have received our response to your email query regarding the hypothyroidism and quitting smoking.

An under- active thyroid can make it more difficult to lose weight. If your weight gain has been due to an increased food intake (which many people do find happens when they smoking), then getting on the Bodytrim program might help you to get some structure in place, help to make sure you are eating wholesome and nourishing foods and encourage regular physical activity, all of which give us the best chance of success when it comes to weight loss.

We recommend having protein with each meal and protein- rich snacks. Depending on which particular foods you chose to eat you could be getting 70- 120g of protein a day. The problem with a lot of the carbohydrate sources we tend to eat these days is that they are highly refined (processed) carbohydrates, they break down to sugars and hit the blood stream faster which causes spikes in blood sugar, insulin, and before long you’re hungry & craving again. Protein does not have this effect and tends to keep us satiated for longer. In saying this, too much protein is not necessarily better and could also cause weight gain, so try and keep to what’s recommended.

It’s worth adding that not all carbohydrate sources are bad. Fruits provide carbohydrates as well as fibre and various other important vitamins and minerals. Milk provides carbohydrates as well as protein and important minerals like calcium. Legumes and beans provide carbohydrates, protein, fibre and a range of minerals. Having carbohydrates via whole food sources like these rather than refined or highly processed carbohydrates means that you are getting more than just carbohydrate energy, you are getting vitamins, minerals, healthy fats as well as protein and fibre which act to slow the absorption of the carbohydrate, meaning less significant spikes in blood glucose and the ability for the food to keep you feeling fuller for longer which can be very beneficial for weight loss.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

BT Nutritionist 🙂