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Hi I am coming back after a few years where I was forced to depart from Bodytrim being stuck in hospital system – They just can’t deal with the departure from high carb meals. I developed FODMAP sensitivities, and had to go through 2 years of (carb loaded) testing and elimination phase to work out my trigger foods. Now my gut is repairing, I can handle the shakes and know what limited low carb foods I can prepare for my snacks and meals, avoiding the particular high fodmap foods that I react badly to.

I have a long complicated medical history, but short story is, I was on cortisone in massive doses for over 14 years, and have now been able to get off it (for the last 8 months) due to new diagnosis and specialty targeted treatment (monthly injection) that has given me my quality of life back, and the ability to now start to lose weight again.

I am looking forward to my journey, and hope to be able to continue life long this time, knowing the foods to avoid (despite this meaning a bland diet, I have found that I am handling bodytrim shakes really well now, and rarely have upset stomach – protein I eat is usually meat, so no issue there with FODMAPS as long as I avoid any sauces etc – plain diet, but I can deal with that!)

I like the new plan, it seems easier, and I am looking forward to reconnecting with my weight loss warriors friends 🙂

I have about 50-60 kgs to lose to be healthy – not thin….. If I were to go by BMI, it would be an unattainable goal. So I am looking to celebrate each 10kgs, do it slowly and surely, and not get hung up on numbers, but just be happy to be proactive again, stable and give my food dilemma a rest forever!

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