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    Hi I am allergic to salicylates and react very badly to almonds, cinnamon, pineapple, capsicum,eggplant oranges, kiwi fruit and strawberries. Is there an alternative to cinnamon please and also to the capsicum.The others I can work around but not sure about the first three thanks.

    Is there something I can swap the almond meal out in the recipe for the lemon protein balls.


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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Mindy,

    As an alternative to cinnamon you could perhaps use a little cocoa (depending on the recipe), or you could simply go without (the cinnamon is more for providing flavour than any significant amount of macronutrients).

    An alternative to capsicum could be any other non- starchy vegetable source really, such as cabbage, celery, leek or lettuce.

    As for the protein balls you could perhaps try blending up a mix of nuts and/or seeds that you are able to tolerate such as cashews, perhaps sunflower seeds, pecans and hazelnuts if you are able to manage these.

    Kind Regards,

    BT Nutritionist 🙂

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