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    Hi there

    Just enquiring I will be moving to the transition stage soon and wondering how fruit fits into it in transition. My understanding is that you have 2 shakes, 2 protein snacks and dinner

    However on the food guide it states you can have some fruit during transition? If this is the case when are you allowed to have these

    Also how many days does the transition stage go for ? I just finished day 1, I’m sure it’s probably somewhere online but haven’t got to that yet

    Hope someone can help

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    This stage goes for 4 days. I’m also in this stage. According to my understanding dinner is a balanced meal. This consists of 1 serve of protein (100g), 2 cups non starchy veggies, which 1 piece of fruit fits in here. It would count as 1 cup. Plus 1 serve non starchy veg.

    Hope that helps. Correct me, anyone, if I’ve gotten it wrong.


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    Thanks Kellie for your help you have explained it well 🙂

    So I guess I could do the protein and 1 cup veggies and have like 1 cup of the approved fruit as a sweeter treat

    It’s all very different to the old body trim I have tried

    Liking the options on this

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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Nivani,

    During the Trimstition phase (Days 4- 7) you are able to have a Balanced Meal for dinner (see the Balanced Meal Formula) this meal includes 2 serves of non- starchy carbs (fruit and/or vegetables)- see ‘Carbohydrates: Non- starchy’ article on the website which tells you which types of foods, what phases and the recommended serving size.

    During the Trimstition phase for the Balanced Meal Formula you are also able to have 1 serve of starchy carbs (starchy vegetables/grains)- see ‘Carbohydrates: Starchy’ article on the website which tells you which types of foods, what phases and the recommended serving size. Breads & pasta is not included in the Trimstition phase.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

    BT Nutritionist 🙂

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    Hi Nivani, yes I’m enjoying the nutrition side of things on this program. I like that we can have fruit as that is my sweet treat now. I did the old program years ago and even though I was successful, I found I got mild light headedness at times. This time I feel that the balance of foods is suiting my body much better. I even went to a friend’s house for dinner Last night and took my salad to go with the protein they were having. I walked a bit extra yesterday just in case but I still lost 300g from yesterday.

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    Team BT

    Hi Kellie, we are so glad to hear you positive feedback on the new program. All the best on your next weeks on the program and please continue to share your story with us. Have a lovely day! BT team.

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