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    It has taken me just over 5 months to reach and pass my goal weight of 65 kilos. This is a loss of over 8 kilos for me going from a size 14/16 to size 10/12. I must admit I’m not the most devoted walker in the crowd but I do 2 aerobic classes a week which gets my heart rate up. I’ve discovered eating more vegetarian recipes and cutting out my old sugar laden breakfast cereals one of my best tools. I’ve tried many of the recipes on the website which has taught me how to eat healthily again. I’ve stopped buying biscuits and icecream (one of my danger foods). I recommend the protein snack recipes as they are very filling. I wish everyone well on their weight loss journey. Just stick with it and you will be rewarded and don’t let little gains along the way make you give up. Your body’s health is counting on you.

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    What a great result, well done Trish!

    I’ve also found that not buying the danger foods (even when you think you might be ‘ready’ to have them back in your house again) is a big help. Out of sight out of mind.

    The lemon and coconut protein balls are delicious, and definitely filling – super easy to make, too.

    It’s a long game and a big picture – keep your eyes on the prize of better overall health.

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