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    I am missing my fruit!!! It’s listed on the food guide but how is everyone incorporating it into their diet?

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    Hi, I have been wondering the same thing too? Do you include it in your breakfast meal? Is it considered a starchy carb?

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    I’m glad you asked this question because I have also been wondering. It says to include it as part of a balanced meal but not exactly sure when or how?

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    Has anyone got a reply to this question?

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    Team BT

    Hi Rebecca and Tamara,

    During the FAST Start phase (first three days) you are able to have 2 cups of non- starchy vegetables with your 100- 150g of protein for dinner. However, this initial phase does not include fruits, starchy vegetables or bread/pasta.

    During the Trimstition phase (Days 4- 7) you are able to have a Balanced Meal for dinner (see the Balanced Meal Formula) this meal includes 2 serves of non- starchy carbs (includes fruit and/or vegetables)- see ‘Carbohydrates: Non- starchy’ article on the website which tells you which types of foods, what phases and the recommended serving size.

    During the final Body Trimming phase you are able to have the Breakfast Meal Formula for breakfast. This meal consists of 1 serve of plant protein, 1 serve of animal protein and 1 serve of starchy and/or non- starchy carbohydrates which could be fruit, vegetables, grains or bread/pasta.

    Thanks and good luck! BT team

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