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    Hi all,
    I have just started this week and I still on the fast program.
    I currently weigh 114 kilos and need to be around 65 kgs.
    I am determined to give this a good go.

    Just wondering should I be weighing myself daily or just once a week.



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    Team BT

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks a lot for your message and welcome to the bodytrim program!
    We recommend that you weight yourself weekly only. Here is a link to an article that will give you tips on setting measurable goals and how to best check your progress:

    Setting measurable goals

    Any questions, please give us a shout.
    Good luck, we know you can do it!
    BT team

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    Hi I’m Mel
    I weigh 123.4 kilos and started today.
    I’m having knee replacements in April and weight loss before surgery is a big factor. I’m a yoyo dieter.
    just the little bits I’ve read so far has amazed me
    I’m looking forward TO MY NEW JOURNEY. I’m hoping to be 75 kgs in the end but for now I just want to get under 100kgs I can’t wait

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    My name is Ron, I was 94.5 kgs on the 1st of Feb and am down to 89.5. My goal is 79kgs. I am finding that riding my bike has been a huge factor in my weight loss. I encourage people to get on a bike!

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    Hi Mel and Ron,
    Well together we can all do it and well done Ron for doing so well so far.

    I realise I only do about 3-5000 steps a day so I am going to have to really step up my Sue

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    I know I’m suppose to weigh myself once a week but I couldn’t wait. I feel a little disappointed that I have been on the shakes since Monday when I weighed myself at 112odd and this morning I am 111 odd. I thought I would have lost more by now as I am sticking to it making sure I am drinking 2 lets of water and the evening meal is 100g meat and 2 cups of salad, which I round out is a lot of food so I know when I do cook properly we don’t have that much so I know I am good with the evening meals.

    I am on the shakes longer as I started straight away so really should be on day 4 but I am going with the emails I am getting sent each day following that.
    The only sugar I am having is in my hot milo that I have. I make it with a tsp of milo, hot water, dash of milk and 1 tsp sugar but I am only having a couple of cups a day.



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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Sue,

    Factors which can play a role in weight loss include your metabolic rate and hormones. Some people tend to eat irregular meals, so when small regular meals are added on Bodytrim, the metabolism needs a bit of time to adjust. This can also be the case for hormones needing to balance out. The best thing to do is to stay consistent and allow your body time to adjust to these changes.

    Do keep in mind that the best way to lose weight and keep it off long term is to do it slowly but surely. A weight loss of roughly 500g per week is said to be a healthy and safe pace so going by this recommendation you are actually doing very well!

    Body weight tends to fluctuate throughout the day so we wouldn’t recommend weighing yourself too often as you could understandably get discouraged. Try and stick to a once a week weigh- in and instead maybe focus more on how this way of eating and exercise is making you feel, perhaps you have more energy than usual, or you notice your mood has improved? Don’t fixate too much on only that number on the scales, weight loss is a process and the best way to do it is gradually by staying consistent, being strong and trying not to get disheartened.

    Be sure to keep us posted on how you’re going!

    Kind Regards,

    BT Nutritionist 🙂

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    Im Lisa I started on Tuesday I am currently 82kg and would love to lose 14kg.
    I used the old Body trim program, but felt I could not maintain the program. This program seems to be much easier and seems to allow a lot more food through out the week.
    Here go’s
    Regards Lisa

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