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    Hi I am Cynthia, 51 years old. I am 70kg and 156cm tall. My ideal weight would be 57kg. I was 59kg about 3years ago. I broke my foot and I was sitting down for about six months and everyone else was feeding me, so what ever was in my plate I would eat although I was used to making myself small portions and so I put on the weight and I could never bring it back down. I blame my menopause which has kicked in slowly a few months ago. I have been looking forward to this new program. I called head office to find out why I cannot get on the website and they told me they were coming out with a new program which I was eager to start and here I am. I heard alot of great results with this program so I cannot wait to get into it.

    I have quickly went through your website and I find it over whelming with all the reading that I have to do. Could you please do an easy guide so we can start right away and maybe a step by step on where to start and what the next step is.

    Thank you

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    Hi Cynthia, I’m Rowena and 40, I’m 58kg and 150cm, id like to be 50, same as you I did BT about 2 yrs ago I got down to 52kg and felt great, but gave up, it took another 6months for the weight to come back on, my body really did turn into a fat burner, I didn’t exercise at all, not recommended. Hoping this will be good also. Go back to the My guides it will have the 3 boxes with 1 Fast Start, 2 Trimsition 3 Body Trimming, that is the step by step…Hope this helps. Good Luck

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    Cynthia, sorry on the left hand side click on Welcome to mybodytrim, then on the screen a few boxes will appear click on The Mybody trim program…..that is easier than above lol….


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    Hi my name is Alexandra and I weight 99kgs, 180cms tall and need to get down to 70kgs. I did BT 5 years ago and got to target but being an emotional eater is hard to keep on track. Hope this time will be different! Thanks

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    Team BT

    Hi Bodytrimers,

    Best of luck on the program, stay positive, motivated and you’ll see success.

    Team BT

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    Hi Fellow Trimmers
    My name is Kerrie. I did BT 4 years ago and lost 25 kg. I felt amazing. Unfortunately, being a food addict, I did not pay much attention to the maintenance program and gained it back 🙁
    I am disgusted with myself but decided it worked once, it can work again .I DID use the old program as detox as I found it easy and not too stressful. Now on day 7 using shakes and proten and whole foods.
    I have shown my confusion on forums here old versus new but reading through it all helps!
    Onwards and upwards I say….or INWARDS.

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    Team BT

    Hi Kerrie. Good on you for giving it a go again, i am sure you can achieve your weight goals this time!
    If you have any questions, please remember you can always contact our friendly customer service in Australia on 1300 724 455 and our Bodytrim nutritionist will be more than happy to help you with specific questions on the program. BT team

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    I’m Louise and I’m 47 years old, start weight is 80kg with a height of 162cm. I have put on weight over the last 5 years (although I did lose 7kg on the old BT two years ago). I have a big trip planned in January with family and don’t want to be a beached whale and to enjoy spending time around the pool with my children. So I bought the new system from Coles at the weekend and have started from Monday. I actually find the shakes rather delicious and have not been a chore at all. I ended up putting some ice and a tspn of instant coffee in my morning one today …. the second day was hard but I’ve broken through and now on Trimsition (day 4). Was happy to have the protein snack this morning and am ready with a boiled egg for this afternoon. I was struggling with no coke-zero or any diet soft drink as they are my go to, but each day gets easier. My goal is to lose 15kg by Christmas … whether this is possible, I don’t know. But I am being strict and want this to be the last time I try any diet of any sort … maintenance of course will be very important!! Good luck everybody. Louise

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    Team BT

    Hi Louise, your motivation is really contagious! It is great to have a short term goal to kick start your weight loss. Remember maintaining the good habits on a long term basis is the key to sustainable weight management. Believe in yourself, you can do it! the BT team.

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    Hi, I’m Jan and am on day 4 of the program. Glad to be through the Fast Start, although I found it very manageable as I found 3 recipes for the evening meal suitable for Trimstartbut also very adaptable so my husband could eat with me ( with bigger serves and added carbs!). They were on your website. I had my first coffe this morning with almond/ soy milk. So good to be able to have a couple of homemade cappacino! Couldn’t face black coffe, don’t like tea, so that was a real challenge e first 3 days. I weighed 70 klgs at the start of my journey, which means I put on 10 klgs over the last 2 years. I am the heaviest I have ever been, but more worrying are the unsightly love handles and stomach fat. Obviously this is where I store my fat, and it’s the dangerous place for fat! When I try to eat sensibly, my weight has refused to change. I know carbs are something my body turns to fat very easily, so this program should really help me. Love the support I’m getting from daily emails. Have printed out most o the info I think I’ll need and made a folder for Bodytrim. Love all the great articles.
    One question,mandarins are not on the fruit lust. Does that mean they are a no- no?
    Look forward to following all your journeys and sharing mine.

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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Jan,

    We are pleased to hear you are enjoying the recipes and are able to adapt them so both you and your husband can enjoy!
    Mandarins are perfectly fine and would be considered a non- starchy carbohydrate. If they are particularly small mandarins you could have two as a serving.

    Kind Regards,

    BT Nutritionist 🙂

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    Dear BT Nutritionst,

    Hi my name is Roz I have finish the Fast start found it quite good no craving or hunger pangs nothing at all.So as a grazer/comfort eater that was really great.(head space required mentally thinking)
    As I am recovering for an incident which happened 16 weeks ago ,I Fractured pelvis which has healed but I had a hematoma aspirated on my thigh & I can’t for the next 1 week do and form or exercise.I cant go to the pool to do my hydro- therpy or walk any distance.Limited really.
    So was asking if I can stay on the transsion stage for a couple of extra days.
    Hoping you can advise my on this matter.
    Also so what do you mean by a piece in the food guide (eg is that a sml apple/banana or a piece as stated
    I have lost 3.5 kgs already so very happy.Mind you tho there’s a lot more to go.
    Cheers Kindest regards Rozzie.

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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Roz,

    We are pleased to hear of your success so far on the program. Well done!

    We would still recommend going on to the third and final phase of the program (Body Trimming) so that you are able to start incorporating more whole foods into your diet. You could perhaps stick to the Starchy Carbohydrates guidelines of the Trimstition phase for a couple of extra days into Body Trimming if you feel that you may be a little behind due to the fact that you are unable to exercise as much as you would like- for the Trimstition phase we do not recommend consuming Breads & Pastas (see ‘Carbohydrates- Starchy; article in ‘My Food Guides’), but these foods would then usually be included in the final Body Trimming phase. In terms of exercise, do what you can when you can, gradually incorporating more exercise as you are able to.

    A ‘piece’ of fruit would be one medium sized whole fruit.

    Kind Regards,

    BT Nutritionist 🙂

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    Hi I’m Jenny. I followed the BT program 2010/2011 and lost heaps of weight. I stayed motivated for over a year until my dear mum aged 93, took sick and passed away in November 2011. For 3 days and nights I sat at her bedside and had 5 hours sleep in that time and just ate whatever was available, then came organising the funeral, emptying her unit which took me months, then trying to deal with the grief. You guessed it I’m an emotional eater so I fell off the wagon and made a couple of feeble attempts over the years to get back on track and failed. I work full time in a position where I sit at a desk for long hours and I am 67 years of age, so those things don’t help either. However I thought the updated program might be easier to start off with the shakes. So today is a new day. I have planned to do this in January for the last month and made sure I was ready and feeling motivated. So far have had my morning and lunch shakes and feeling good. I really want to succeed this time. Good luck to all of you on your journey. I really like body trim as it is simple to follow. Best wishes to all. Jenny

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    Team BT

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks so much for sharing your very personal story with the bodytrim community. We are very sorry that you have had to go through difficult times, it is truly heartbreaking.
    However, it is fantastic that you are now starting to get better and ready to make a fresh start in your life. Welcome to the new program! The shakes are a convenient way to help our busy and time-poor trimmers; It is the opportunity for you to learn from the program about nutrition, at your own pace, and move towards a healthier lifestyle. The key to success is not to be too hard on yourself and accept that sustainable weight loss doesn’t happen in 1 day. We have here an amazing team of nutritionists available if you have any questions so please make sure you reach to us. All the best! BT team.

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    Thank you for your reply BT team. I didn’t join in the forums last time so hope this might help. The only problem with the emails is that they are a day behind with my days. I think I joined up then went on the program the next day so I am at the end of day 4 but today’s email states day 3. Don’t know if that can be adjusted. At work today the team were going for lunch and at first I was thinking “oh, that will be nice”, then I remembered I’m not at that stage so declined, then I ate a boiled egg as had forgot to have my morning tea snack. I didn’t care about missing out but instead spent their lunch time looking at the BT forum and tips and working out how it runs now. So far very happy with how it is going and I have resisted weighing myself, waiting a week where I usually do every day. I think weekly will be better as there can be such a fluctuation on a daily basis. I miss Geoff’s input though and he isn’t in ads anymore. What is he doing now?

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    Hi All, I did the original body trim 4 years ago and lost about 6kg but have slowly put it all back on and more now up to 80kg and feeling pretty unhappy with my body, looking to get under 70kg. I’m wondering how this program will go as a shift worker? I do a lot of night shifts so eating a meal at around 5am is not really feasible, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will start the fast track tomorrow, looking forward to shedding a few kilos in time for summer. I’m refusing to buy anymore summer cloths till I loose a few kilos


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      BT Team Member

      Hi Jill,

      You can split your protein meal into two serves to have at separate times, so 50g of protein and 1 cup non-starchy vegetables two times a day and then your three shakes. This will enable you to have 5 mini meals a day which you can spread over the hours you are awake. If you are still hungry then additional non-starchy vegetables would be your best option.

      If your day is particularly active then you might benefit from having a third serving of 50g of protein and 1 cup of non- starchy vegetables.

      Good luck with the program and achieving your goals. Keep us updated.

      Kindest Regards,
      BT Team

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    Hi boys and girls.

    I’m 122Kg for 1.95m
    Ideally I’d like to be 90kg
    I’ve been on a few diets, mostly high protein, and they tend to work, until I lose motivation and just go back to eating everything I shouldn’t.

    I’ve got no problem with exercise, my problem is portion control, and cravings.

    I’ve started today.
    Hopefully being a part of a community will help me stick to it.

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