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    Hi, I do about 15mins of cycling to and from work each day, so 30mins in total. How much is this adding to my 10,000 steps per day? Going to work is low intensity whilst going home is higher as I do uphill for about 6minutes. Am I meant to be exercising every day as well? I am going to start Body Trimming tomorrow.

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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Kim,

    Nice going on the biking to work!

    10,000 steps is equivalent to roughly an hour and half of walking or other low intensity exercise. Making sure you’re able to walk around regularly at work &/or take a short walk during your lunch break will help to bump up your steps further.

    For the best results we do recommend trying to exercise every day yes.

    Kindest Regards,

    BT Nutritionist 🙂

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    I found also that the regular exercise that we do is not enough. As the body is used to it. So change it up a bit with a walk around the block or a swim now it is getting warmer. I am on my feet every day and I move quick when I need to but I have put aside time now to go for that extra walk a couple of times a week. As I get into week two of the program I will start walking more than I was last week. I will add another block to my walks every couple of walks and then another until it is a full hour.
    I also find it easier to go for walks with someone.

    When you cycle to work and back are there other routes you can take? just to change routine every now and then instead of going the same way and your body used to it. It’s when the body feels the same stimulation that it gets into routine and says “I will just hold onto this weight now, as I might need it later”, whereas we want to keep it moving off us..
    Keep it up

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