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    Hubby and I just had this for dinner he was in charge of the fish me the coleslaw and super duper dressing

    There was so much coleslaw and the fish was just right with only 1 TBS of oil

    The dressing was awesome much more flavor than the bought type

    This is the start of my goal

    The Goal of not letting my menus be the same and then making me fail because I am bored

    It basically took 15 mins all up

    We would take longer driving to Macas waiting in line then driving home

    YAY us

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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Saskia,

    Great feedback on the recipe. It sounds delish!

    BT Nutritionist 🙂

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    I also have this meal for lunch and dinner today , do I need to add any starchy carbs to this , if so why would you suggest

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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Samantha,

    This recipe actually has carrot in it which has been included in the starchy carbs category.

    Kind Regards,

    BT Nutritionist 🙂

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