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    I am so disappointed in the way the “new” bodytrim program is structured!

    The original way was and still is the absolute best way! No stupid meal replacement shakes (purely designed and implemented to gain money and keep the concept alive) which make you starve for the first 3 days. The original way being to only eat protein for the first 3 days and keep up your moral and not leave you dying while trying to push through the beginning of your weight loss journey.

    I’m leaving this program and going back to the original and the best way…the way it was created and intended… to help people and not starve them and put limits on their wallets and their food intake!!!!


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    I agree I cannot find all my information about previous procss

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    I don’t mind the shakes. But i do agree with you the old way was better, it also seemed to get faster results.

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      hi Tracy – I have a lot of information from the original BT if you’re interested. let me know and perhaps I can email to you.
      I’m following the original as I didn’t want to pay more money for a product that I was a fully paid member of. I really just wanted to check out if there is anything new or just to get some motivation. I did buy some shakes on the weekend and received a promotion code to join for free. The new plan does seem more like a money grabbing exercise than a weight loss plan & motivation. I will be following the original plan as I too believe that real food is always the best options! I use the shakes as purely an emergency meal, in case I get caught out without my snacks/meals.

      All the best in your weight loss!!

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    Old system is easy to remember 100gm protein breakfast , lunch & dinnerwith vegesin each meal and breakfast you had the option to have either a piece of fruit or a piece of bread 50gm protein snacks , stay under 5gm of sugar per 100gms, 10000 steps a day, cheat day followed by a protein only day,limit sweet potatoes, potatoes to 2x’s a week

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    Hi. I too followed the original way. It did seem to work fast. But I guess the fact that we are all back, needing to loose weight again, shows there was a need for a more sustainable way. This new way allows for more general eating patterns. The shakes are only suggested for the first 3 days really. I was happy to pay $29 for the box of shakes and get the 12 weeks membership free. They are handy for emergency meals, as previous person stated.

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    Hi …….I’m also back again but finding it hard to stay on track!
    I did like the old way also, as weight loss was quite fast, but i got very tired of eating so much protein and what i felt was the lack of variety with my meals.
    I’ll keep at it though!

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    Hi Tina
    That would be great I did join sometime ago moved since don’t know what I have done with info
    My email is tl.j1962@hotmail.com

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    I’m feeling the same way. Definitely get quicker results the old way. I think I’ll stick this one out for one more week and see how I go. If I still don’t have results I’ll either go back to the old one but hated how much meat I was eating! Or switch to something else.

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    I’m so glad to see other people feel the same way. I purchased the shakes to get the 12 weeks online as I lost all my original info, but I loved Geoffs enthusiasm and I miss the cd’s (got lost in numerous moves) that helped me get back on track and motivated. The whole thing was to eat protein at least every 3 hours to get your body in a ketogenic state where you burn fat when you sleep, and the whole eating foods uses energy, so the replacement shake thing has me sus too. I also loved the high and low day so there wasn’t a plateau where you stopped losing weight. I think I’ll keep the shakes for emergencies and stick with the original method.

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    Hi. Interesting that a few have said thru hated eating so much meat. It is the same as the new way, except one more snack. 100g x 3 meals and 50g x 3 snacks. What are yas doing different?

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