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    Is there any effect on results if i were to stay on Trimsition Phase for longer than Day 4-7, before moving over to the 3rd stage of Body Trimming.
    can i stay on Stage 2 for as long as i want then move to Stage 3?
    Your feedback is appreciated. 🙂

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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Carina,

    If you were to stay on the Trimsition phase for longer you would be consuming 2 FAST Shakes, 2 protein snacks and 1 Balanced Meal each day. In the Body Trimming phase we cut 1- 2 of these shakes out and introduce a second Balanced Meal and Breakfast Meal (or you can opt for a FAST Shake for breakfast if you wish). The meals we are introducing are nutritionally balanced, healthy, real foods and this is what we are trying to encourage.
    If you are wanting to stay in this phase longer because you do not feel happy with how far you have come we would still encourage moving onto phase three, but be extra careful with your serving sizes and you might choose to leave out the condiments, sauces, oils and fats. You can also still have 1 shake for breakfast if you feel more comfortable with this.

    Kindest Regards,

    BT Nutritionist 🙂

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