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    Hi all, I have chosen riding my bike and swimming as my basic movement each day until I can walk without foot injury as each time I attempt walking the load is just too great on my joints.

    My question is – will these types of excersise’s be suitable until I can go for walks as it may be all I can do for the next few weeks ?????

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    Hi Sandi,

    I’m not a professional…I’m doing this plan as are you, but Ive suffered with chronic knee issues…I also swim, which is something I can do…although we cant measure the 10,000 steps…You are moving so it is very beneficial and non weight bearing on your injured joints. Its a great cardio vascular exercise.
    Depending on how long your unable to walk around its good to lift little weights or include some type of weight bearing exercise along along with the cardio…but I think you would also be getting that with your bike riding?
    Keep at it…I think personally also…what you eat plays a bigger role than exercises?

    I would also like info on this if someone can guide me…Ive been feeling less energetic I’m on day 6…so haven’t nearly done the exercise that’s been recommended.


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    BT Nutritionist

    Hi Sandi and Renee,

    My sincere apologies for the delay in response! Cycling and swimming are both perfect low intensity, low weight bearing exercises and will be more than suitable until you feel you are able to walk in comfort. It’s a great idea to mix things up like this and do different forms of exercise- as well as keeping things a bit more interesting for you (than perhaps walking the same route day in and day out), this will also ensures you are working a variety of muscle groups so absolutely nothing wrong with this at all!

    Kind Regards,

    BT Nutritionsit 🙂

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    Thank you ?

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    Hi. Just a quick thought…the pedometer, apparently, measures your arm swings as you are walking, not your steps. It’s on your arm not your feet I guess! Don’t cheat and stand and swing your arms though….definitely doesn’t count as steps!! Regards, Lorraine

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