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    Give yourself a few easy exercises to do several times a day. Make it easily attainable. If it’s attainable, you are much more likely to do it. First, think of a few things you wish you could do, or some ways in which you could be stronger, or more flexible. For example,

    Your arms ache a lot when cutting the hedge.
    You want to increase your ability to balance – VERY important as one gets older.
    Before every meal or snack, therefore, do the following:

    1) Hold your arms above your head for a few seconds until a slight ache is felt. If you do this several times a day, you will soon be able to hold your arms up for longer. Try holding a light weight, then increase it over the days/weeks.
    2) Stand on one leg as long as possible. If you cannot, then hold lightly onto e.g. the kitchen bench. Eventually leave go of the bench. Increase the time – then eventually try with your eyes closed! I could only balance for a few seconds at first. Now I can balance for 2 minutes without holding on, and even for about half a minute with my eyes closed!
    Such exercises as these are easy, and you will improve at them by frequent repetition.

    Some of my aims are to be able to do ten burpees. I am currently doing 10 squat thrusts (without standing up after each one) OR 10 jumping jacks. Once I find these easy, will try to put them together to do one burpee. When this is OK to do I will increase it to two burpees. Burpees are great for legs, arms, core, balance, and the cardiovascular system. Try ONE today!

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    Thank you 🙂

    I go to the gym EVERY DAY except Sunday since it is closed. If I miss one day, it is hard to then go the next day. It is a routine for me and that makes it easy. Get up, breakfast, gym, coffee (sometimes coffee then gym). By going at a similar time every day I see the same people, have a bit of a chat, check on each other’s progress, and “admonish” each other if we have skipped a day. It’s a sort of informal support group, and everyone there around you is there because they want to be and are exercising.

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    It is weird, but the shakes cause me no bloating, and good weight loss. As soon as I eat the smallest amount of sugar, or artificial sweetener, then I lose no weight that day, and become bloated. Why does this not happen with the shakes?

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    A walk in the garden before breakfast, maybe with a water bottle or cup of tea in hand. Take some photos as you wander around.

    Take photos of your neighbourhood, such as flowers, interesting shots of buildings, unusual cars.

    Window shopping – leave your credit cards at home.

    Walk to meet a friend half way between your houses.

    Walk in your local park or on the beach and say hello to people – a lot of people walk at the same time every day and you get to know them and see them every day. They will ask you how you are if you miss a day!

    Dog walking.

    Up and down a flight of steps.

    Do jogging on the spot or squats whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

    Stand up whilst waiting to see the doctor.

    Hang out washing one item at a time – take out one item only from the house at a time.

    A pedometer can be motivating.

    Play with your pets and children.


    Tidy things up one item at a time.

    Painting a room.


    Washing your car.

    Walk around whilst on the phone or playing a musical instrument.

    Put on some dance music and dance.

    Put on some song music and walk and sing to it.

    Stand on one leg – uses core strength and isn’t strenuous.

    Go to your local gym and ask them to design you a programme.

    See if your local town has a Saturday “Parkrun” event to join.

    Walk around your library.

    Visit Open Gardens.

    Local Bush-walking groups.

    Join any charity walks you can – google Running/Walking events

    Visit the zoo, an art gallery, a museum,

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    I think it partly depends on what you can deal with, and what you are doing etc
    I find that if I eat too often, it becomes a habit. I have been planning my eating times in the morning. One morning I was working early so I had half a shake at 6.30am, then the rest at 8.30. Second one at 11.30, then 3.00 before work. Finished work at 7.30 so another shake (or meal).

    Another day I drank a couple of cups of tea whilst working on my computer, so no exercise, then had a shake at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, then a meal or another shake and veg at 7.30pm.

    Yes, eating regularly does help keep the metabolism going, but also adds more calories. I weigh myself every day, and if I think my weight loss is stalling, then I will change something such as less food, more frequent eating, more exercise, or even a bigger calorie load one day to “kick start” my metabolism. I think you should plan what you think will suit YOU according to the day and how you feel, as long as you follow the general guidelines re healthy eating. You can always split a meal into two. Good Luck with it 🙂

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    I think this depends on what you normally do. I go to the gym every day and do weight training and running. Since I am eating less, I will probably do less, but since I am in the gym, I can stop anytime if I feel light-headed. On the second day of the programme I ran 10km in the bush at my usual pace.

    If you usually exercise vigorously then just be careful and listen to your body, and do something that is not too committing so you can stop and get home easily, or sit down or whatever. if you are not used to exercising, then it is ALWAYS important to set off gently and gradually build up so that you avoid injury.

    It also depends on what you like doing. Walking is always a good bet. If you are not sure how fast or far you can go, then find an oval, or just walk a short distance then return, then repeat, so that you are always near your starting point. If you let me know what you usually do, then I am happy to make some specific suggestions. Look forward to hearing from you.

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